Harley-Davidson TRiO Motorcycle Conversion Kits

The sound of a Harley stands alone.

And a TRiO-equipped Harley stands on its own. Literally.
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With a TRiO™ equipped Harley-Davidson you can go HOG wild—with better cornering performance and safety too.

A Harley-Davidson bike equipped with TRiO™ handles exactly like a conventional two-wheel Harley—only better! Because, the extra traction, enhanced stability and better braking provided by two front wheels, means you can enjoy increased speed through the curves. Tilting Motor Works TRiO kits include everything you need to get your Harley equipped with three wheels and on the road. The conversion simply involves choosing an authorized dealer to remove the front fork and wheel, then replace them with our new two-wheel front-end that bolts to the frame.

The TRiO™ Kit for Harley-Davidson’s includes:

  • TRiO leaning linkage, shocks, wheels, and tires
  • TiltLock™ leveling system with dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Black gel-coat fiberglass fairing and fenders ready for paint matching
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor

Available Models:

  • 1999-Present Touring Models
  • 1999-2017 Softail Models (Heritage, Deluxe, Fat Boy, Slim)
  • 2018-Present Softail Models

$13,995 + dealer installation

Three-Wheel TRiO-Converted Black Motorcycle Trike
Tilting Motor Work Harley Streetside

Turn heads andcommand attention.

Every Harley commands attention, but with a TRiO™ added you’ll get double takes.

At idle, a Harley-Davidson is an arrogant thing. It interrupts conversations. It’s rude, intrusive. And, a TRiO™ enhanced trike commands further attention as a vision of power and stability. Many people will say they’ve never seen anything like it. And when you ride one, you’ll double-down on that view. With double front wheels that tilt in parallel, a TRiO™ lets you steer, counter-steer and lean your bike into the corners without compromising your ride. Having two wheels in front means more rubber on the road – for faster, more secure, cornering. And that my friend, is a real thing of beauty.

Talk about an“Easy Rider”

Our TiltLock™ leveling system means you’ll never have to put your feet down again.

All TRiO kits come standard with our TiltLock™ leveling system. TiltLock allows the bike to stand up by itself. As you slow to a stop, this patent-pending feature locks the front-end and moves to a vertical position making your bike self-supporting. With TiltLock on, you can keep your feet up when stopped. And, because TiltLock and the front suspension operate independently, your Harley three-wheeler won’t become rigid or difficult to handle at low speeds. Better still, there’s no need to put feet down at lights or in stop-and-go traffic.

Tilting Motor Works Harley with Tilt Lock San Juans
Tilting Motor Works Engeering

Engineeredfor fun.

TRiO™ boasts engineering quality to preserve the fun when you’re ready to go full tilt.

From Knucklehead to Panhead to Shovelhead, one constant at Harley-Davidson is adapting to preserve the joy of riding. So, as a Harley owner, you’ll appreciate the engineering detail TRiO™ brings to this trike. This is the first trike to fully capture all the nuances of motorcycle geometry—delivering an uncompromising 3-wheel experience. With multiple patents issued on the critical elements of the geometry and how our suspension operates independently of the lean angle, you’ll feel in the ride what sets TWM apart from all other trikes for handling and ride feel when you’re ready to put the hammer down and go full tilt.

Own The Road

“This invention has made my day and my year. I can ride longer and farther than ever. And, my old, two-wheel riding friends can usually keep up with me – except through the corners.”— Jim T.

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