Honda TRiO Motorcycle Conversion Kits

Touring the highways is where Honda's Gold Wing excels

But a TRiO-equipped Honda brings a new level of comfort
Reserve Your TRiO

A TRiO™-equipped Honda Gold Wing makes a great ride even better—and a lot more fun too.

Equipping your Honda with a TRiO™ kit makes an already comfortable ride more stable and easier to handle. With two wheels in front, your Honda gains traction and stability through the corners. A Honda TRiO also has better braking and safety while handling exactly like a conventional two-wheel bike. The Tilting Motor Works TRiO kits include everything you need to transform your Honda. The conversion simply involves choosing an authorized dealer to remove the front fork and wheel, then replace them with our new two-wheel front-end that bolts to the frame.

The TRiO™ Kit for Honda’s includes:

  • TRiO leaning linkage, shocks, wheels, and tires
  • TiltLock™ leveling system with dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Black gel-coat fiberglass fairing and fenders ready for paint matching
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor

Available Models:

  • 2001-2017 F6B and Gold Wing GL1800
  • 2018-Present Gold Wing

$13,995 + dealer installation

Own The Road

“After 67 years on a bike and 24 years as a motorcycle officer, TRiO with TiltLock makes it possible for me to continue to ride.” 
  — Jim “Gramps” H.
Retired 24 year motorcycle officer

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