Fall is a great time a year to ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the changing leaves. Remember to ride with caution because those leaves can be dangerous if you are going hard into a wet corner! It is best to back off the throttle a bit while riding in the fall, especially if you are riding on unknown roads and it is wet out. TRiO owners, with an additional wheel in the front, have much less danger of losing traction and potentially low siding.

Once I was following behind a diesel truck into a hard left corner while riding my TRiO when I found myself riding in a two-foot wide diesel oil slick. The driver of the truck had accidentally left the cap off of his diesel tank. My right front tire was in the slick and then my rear tire hit it and the whole rear end shifted to the right about 2 feet. The left front tire remained on dry pavement, allowing me to remain in full control through the corner. If I had been on a two-wheel motorcycle, I would have most likely dumped the bike and slid out. The TRiO front end saved the day!

Rain is a big consideration while riding in the fall. It is a question of when, not if, you will ride in the rain. Check your tires for proper pressure and make sure that they have plenty of tread. I change out my tires more frequently than I need to, but I view new tires as cheap insurance and an investment in my safety. Purchase the best tires you can afford, and you won’t be sorry. New tires will give you much better traction in the rain and you will be less likely to suffer a puncture.
Ride safe and keep the shiny side up!