Meet the TRIO: The Three-Wheel Motorcycle Conversion That Lets You Lean


Meet the TRIO: The Three-Wheel Motorcycle Conversion That Lets You Lean

Tough Enough

To Go Full Tilt

Keep The Bike You Love: Meet the TRiO

A TRiO™ kit doesn’t change your ride, it improves it! The conversion retains the tilt and nuance of a traditional motorcycle with the added stability that comes from two front wheels. Your TRiO™-enhanced bike handles exactly the way it did before. You’ll love it.




Step 1: Grab Your Spot.

Take the first step.  Every order starts by making a reservation in our production run with a $2,000 refundable deposit. Set yourself up to enjoy the open road for many years to come.

Step 2: Schedule Your Install

Tilting Motor Works will help you choose a certified dealer and finalize your order. Our TRiO kits can only be installed by certified dealers. If there isn’t one in your immediate area we’ll work with you to make it happen somewhere.

Step 3: Convert Your Bike

Deliver your bike, and a few days later you’ll be on your way. Your certified dealer will provide a new owner orientation, including a test ride, some TiltLock training, and then you’re on the road again.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Ride

Our vision is to bring a high-performance product to heavy motorbike enthusiasts and making sure you get to enjoy your passion for the open road for as long as possible. With that, we stand behind our product with a three-year warranty.

Only a Limited Number of Slots Available!

$13,995 + dealer installation

The TRiO with TiltLock is $13,995 + dealer installation. The $2,000 refundable deposit secures your position in the Tilting Motor Works production schedule.

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No Ordinary Trike

Our TRiO™ is the first to fully capture all the nuances of a motorcycle. This is no ordinary three wheeled bike. With two front wheels, a TRiO™ lets you steer, counter-steer and lean your bike into the corners without compromising your ride. How? The trick was to have the front wheels tilt in parallel. A TRiO™ is perfect for riders who are unsatisfied with the handling or the stodgy image of ordinary trikes and Spyders. So, climb on a TRiO™, lean into it, and go full tilt.

Lean is the Thing

The TRiO™ design is the most efficient configuration for a 3-wheeler that leans. And, a TRiO must lean if you want it to feel like a motorcycle. We call that “going full tilt”. Made possible by our sophisticated front-end geometry of the lean angle, a TRiO™ brings an uncompromised motorcycle experience to a three-wheel bike. Plus, our front-end conversion puts more traction in the front where it belongs, delivering both improved safety and enhanced cornering. This means a TRiO™-enhanced bike handles exactly like a conventional two-wheeler—only better!

A True Balance of Power

Having two wheels in front puts more traction where it belongs, improving both your safety and the cornering performance. And, along with the added traction, you also gain enhanced stability and increased speed through the curves. Greater stability and better cornering performance. Now that’s a real balance of power! But the TRiO™ benefits don’t stop there – or rather they stop right there – on a dime. Again, thanks to those two front wheels, you gain greater braking power.

Our TRiO™ Stands Alone

All TRiO™ kits include our TiltLock™ leveling system. This means your bike will become self-supporting at a stop and remain vertical even with your feet up. With TiltLock, as you slow to a stop the front-end locks and levels to the horizon and the bike becomes self-supporting. And, because the front suspension operates independently, the bike is easy to handle at low speeds. But best of all, there’s no need to put your feet down at lights or in stop-and-go traffic.

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