The Company. The Vision.

We founded Tilting Motor Works, Inc., with the vision of building a higher performing motorcycle with increased safety. We are committed to the idea that stability and confidence don’t have to come at the expense of performance.

Our TRiO™ is the first successful effort to capture all the nuances of a motorcycle that automatically becomes self-supporting as you approach a stop—delivering an uncompromised three-wheel experience. With multiple patents issued for critical elements of the geometry and how the suspension operates independently of the lean angle, we stand apart from all other three-wheel bikes in handling performance and safety.

All our components are CAD rendered for automated CNC manufacture. Our staff and vendors have deep experience producing parts for the aviation industry, as we manufacture right here in Eugene, OR, USA.

The Story
Behind the Tilt

The TRiO story is more than one of improved stability and safety. It is also a performance story. The CEO of Tilting Motor Works, Bob Mighell, is a lifelong powersports enthusiast who dreamed of combining thrill and security in a three-wheeled package.

Bob applied his skills as a mechanical engineer to fine tune every detail of his TRiO design and then logged tens of thousands of real-world touring miles to refine his creation. The final design resulted in numerous patents. Bob went on to set successive world land-speed records for three-wheelers at Bonneville Salt Flats using TRiO-enhanced front ends. That’s why we call him “full-tilt Bob.”