Indian TRiO Kit

Indian TRiO Kit

Starting at $13,995

Your Indian TRiOTM Conversion Kit Includes:

  • TRiO leaning front-end (standard or blackout finish)
  • TiltLockTM automatic leveling system with dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Independent front suspension with Progressive shocks
  • High performance braking system with 13″ oversize rotors, four piston calipers and ABS integration
  • Custom forged aluminum front wheels (black, silver or chrome finish)
  • Front tires (standard or white wall)
  • Black gel-coat fiberglass fairing and fenders ready for paint matching
  • Three-year parts and labor warranty

Shipping, installation and paint-match costs will be added by the TMW certified dealer.


An Indian TRiO enhances performance and stability and will bring out the legendary rider in you too.

A Tilting Motor Works TRiO kit includes everything you need to convert your Indian. Once equipped with a TRiO™ your iconic Indian will still handle exactly like the classic bike it is, but now with added traction, enhanced stability and better cornering. In addition, two front wheels means better braking and more speed through the curves. The conversion is simple - An authorized dealer will remove the front fork and wheel, then replace them with our new two-wheel front-end that bolts to the frame.

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Today’s Indian reflects a proud heritage of classic styling and engineering. A TRIO enhanced Indian is a very powerful work of art. Our TRIO kits were designed to reflect Indian’s traditional style and extend an engineering heritage. This TRIO’s double front wheels tilt in parallel, to ride like a bike.