The Tilting Motor Works Referral Program

Spread the word.

You love your TRiO. But chances are, you weren’t always convinced that three wheels could feel the same as two. That’s why we’re launching our referral program – to reward you for showing others just how much the TRiO can elevate your ride. When you sign up to be a Tilting Motor Works referral partner, we’ll keep track of the referrals you make and send you Tilting Motor Works swag as you spread the word.


Make referrals, get rewards.

Upon filling out the form below, you’ll be sent a unique referral code that you can pass along to potential TRiO customers. When they use the code at the time of purchase, we’ll send you a $100 gas card and a Tilting Motor Works hat. Keep referring new customers and the rewards will keep coming.

We’ll also provide you with brochures upon your sign-up. These should make it a little easier to communicate the advantages of the TRiO to potential customers. We’ll also label your brochures with your unique referral code to ensure that customers use it at the time of purchase. (But it doesn’t hurt to remind them as well!)


You’re Our Best Salespeople

We’ll be frank: we know how fun it is to tell people about your TRiO. (We do it all the time – on the clock and off.) We’re asking you to be partners in promoting the TRiO brand because your energy is infectious. You know firsthand how thrilling three wheels can be, and we want you to get the word out in whatever way you think best. Whether that’s posting to our Facebook group to organize a ride or just chatting with another longtime motorcyclist, your testimony as a TRiO owner is what we’re after. If you choose to show your bike off at an organized ride, snap a photo and we’ll feature you on our Facebook page.

We look forward to having you on board! On behalf of everyone here at Tilting Motor Works, thank you for your business, thank you for your support, and thank you for helping to spread the word.


Check your email after submitting for your unique referral code. We will mail you brochures with your referral code within 10 business days.