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Touring the highways is where Honda's Gold Wing excels

But a TRiO-equipped Honda brings a new level of comfort Reserve Your Trike

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A TRiO™-enhanced Honda Gold Wing makes a great ride even better—and a lot more fun too.

Equipping your Honda with a TRiO™ trike kit makes an already comfortable ride more stable and easier to handle. With two wheels in front, your Honda gains traction and stability through the corners. A Honda trike also has better braking and safety while handling exactly like a conventional two-wheel bike. The Tilting Motor Works TRiO kits include everything you need to transform your Honda into a reverse trike. The conversion simply involves choosing an authorized dealer to remove the front fork and wheel, then replace them with our new two-wheel front-end that bolts to the frame.

The TRiO™ Kit for Honda’s includes:

  • TRiO leaning linkage, shocks, wheels, and tires
  • TiltLock™ leveling system with dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Black gel-coat fiberglass fairing and fenders ready for paint matching
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor

Available Models:

  • 2001-Present Gold Wing GL 1800 and F6B

$13,995 + dealer installation

Own The Road

“After 67 years on a bike and 24 years as a motorcycle officer, TRiO with TiltLock makes it possible for me to continue to ride.” 
  — Jim “Gramps” H.
Retired 24 year motorcycle officer

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