For most riders, winter simply means it’s the end of riding season. Time to put the bike away and start counting the days until spring. Some of us, however, take advantage of this time of year to finally get around to all of those ‘little’ projects and mods we’ve dreamed up for our two- and three-wheeled toys. To make the most of your off-season now is the time to start these projects so that you can stay ahead of the calendar and have you rolling out ready to ride on when the snow starts to melt.

We all have that one riding buddy who puts off modifying their bike and then stores it for the winter. Once it warms up, they start riding again and remember the things they wanted to change and now it’s too late to do anything about it unless they want to miss out on sunny riding weather while the bike is in the shop. For some of us, WE are that rider, and having a bike in the shop at any point during riding season is our worst nightmare.

Now is your chance to get ahead of the calendar and get your bike out on the road before Spring has sprung! Reserve your spot in our production line now to get your very own TRIO performance front-end conversion on your Harley, Honda, & Indian by Spring 2022! Our dealer network is always expanding, so give us a call to find your nearest TMW Authorized Dealer today!